Mavericks OS X
Mavericks OS X

It’s official Apple’s Mavericks OS X is available to download, and it’s free. Apple has said they want all mac users to be able to experience the latest features, and now that can with this new operating system. This has been much hyped and I hope it’s worth the wait. Some say this is the most innovative move since the passing of Steve Jobs. That can’t be proved, yet, but it does seem to be generating a huge amount of excitement.

What to Expect with Mavericks

From it’s slick exterior not much looks different, but looks can be deceiving. Mavericks is version 10.9 of Apple OS X. The previous version of this was Mountain Lion. Lots of small improvements have been made, but we are only going to cover the ones that will make the biggest impact when you are trying to decide to upgrade your operating system.

The most anticipated one is being able to iMessage right from the notification of a new incoming message, without having to open the iMessage app. Notifications also come up without having to leave the app you’re in. If someone is trying to facetime you, and you can’t pick up, simply reply with a message stating so. You can also sign up with your favorite websites for updates on scores, weather, and breaking news.

Safari is the second biggest improvement. In an effort to keep up with the ever growing popularity of Google Chrome, Safari is much faster. The browser has lots of other improvements as well, like the interface for tabs and windows being easier to use and more efficient. There is no longer a primary or secondary display, now each one has it’s own menu. You can also turn your HDTV into a fully functional second display via AirPlay and Apple TV.

Laptop users will rejoice over the improvements to extend memory and battery life. It’s almost frustrating to think how well these changes work from a software stand point only, and again, it’s FREE.  With Maverick there is no waste of battery power on web pages you’re not currently viewing or plug-in content you don’t want to see. Apple now boasts that Safari in OS X Mavericks can let you surf the web up to one hour longer than with other browsers, we’ll see, I sure hope so.

For questions on how to upgrade, please see apple’s detailed guide, listed here: