A subtle blend of universal appeal and pure entertainment, these are the features that have propelled Youtube to its current top position on the community website league. Taking 3.9% share of the worldwide internet visits in a day, Youtube is the most popular tool for securing traffic and promoting brands. Plus, with research findings pointing out that by the year 2015 a staggering 90% of all internet traffic will be from video, it is quite clear what you need to do to get mad traffic, the only question is how.


Rank Videos First on Google
Rank Videos First on Google

How to rank Youtube Videos on Google fast

Just think about it, using any other media format to attract, say a thousand visitors, would cost you a small fortune. On the other hand however, Youtube has the potential of helping you reach up to a million visitors without spending a penny! Reason enough for you to start tapping in to Youtube’s massive marketing power now.

Ranking Youtube videos on Google fast includes creating a viral video with a captivating script that caters to the needs of the online community. Making such videos may seem challenging or even impossible but there’s always a first time for everything, right? Still, even with the most interesting videos, you won’t be helping yourself or the online community much if no one ever get to see your vidoes. Reason why optimizing your videos is an important step in ranking Youtube videos on Google.



Optimize your Youtube Video for Top Rank


 1  File names and Video Titles – Your video’s file name should always contain your main keywords. This is very important since your video’s file name will not only be listed publicly but it will also be used by Google for ranking purposes. For example, you have created a video with the main keywords; Golfing tips for kids.

The file name should be something like golfingtipsforkid.avi or golfingtipsforkid.wmv depending on the video file format that you’ve used.

You could also use a trick known as “title stacking” where the same keywords with slight variations within the same title are used so as to double relevance on Youtube search page.

For instance; Golfing tips for kids: Teaching kids golf


 2  Descriptions – Your description should always have a link to your website at the very start where it’s more visible. You should also ensure your URL has the http:// otherwise it won’t be clickable. The description can include your video’s script which should be full of relevant keywords to boost SEO. Don’t forget to include a link to your video at the end of the description either such that when your description is scrapped off for purposes of using it on other sites, you will always get a free link back to your video promoting your SEO and increasing traffic.


 3  Keywords and Tagging – Stop wasting your precious time agonizing over which tags to use, instead focus your time on finding the most effective tags for your primary keyword. One easy way of doing this is by searching on Youtube for primary keywords related to your niche. Write down all the keywords from the top 3 videos that show up on Youtube’s search.


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 4  Each major Theme should have its own channel – Do not make the mistake of squeezing all your videos in to a single channel. Why? Not only do you dilute the relevancy of your channel’s SEO but you are also severely reducing relevancy. It’s like creating a website containing information on golfing, vintage dressing, banking and food garnishing, who does that? The same applies for channels.

However, in the case that you have several themes focused on a single niche, you could try to combine them to a single channel, that is, theoretically. Still, note that better rankings will result from tightly themed channels.


 5  Captions and Annotations – Youtube actually allows you to use captions and annotations on your videos. However, you should keep yourself from going overboard by using only 1 or 2 keywords. Do not stuff keywords in to captions and annotations, a little goes a long way.


 6  Interaction is Key – Interaction is the cornerstone of Youtube. Therefore, the more likes, subscribers, responses and friends you get, the better your videos will rank thus increasing traffic.


It’s about time you got rid of the notion that video marketing is for techies only and land your video on the first page of Google using the powerful information provided in this read. (Technorati: AX9FVTBG9MFT)

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