by Jason Ramsey

The future is all about social and online videos. A very recent research shows that the online video revolution had just started off and will reach its maximum in the coming years. Many feel that YouTube is only a small piece of the social video environment the Facebook with its Instagram and Twitter with Vine is growing at a fast pace as an online social video platform. All over the world, people now watch more video on social media than on stand-alone video options like a television that has no social feature. The social media and online video platform is getting bigger by the day; apps like the Twitter’s Vine with its maximum six seconds clip length and the Instagram’s fifteen second clips have created a new high for the social media marketers.

Apple iPad Ad
Apple iPad Ad

Short videos like those tahen and shared in the social media platforms like the Instagram, Vine, Vimeo and SnapChat are amongst the fastest growing and most talked about social media platforms. It is being said that video is one of the most powerful medium of communication and these new online tools make it a lot easier for all to create, edit, market and share videos online.

These micro-videos are also being used by various businesses as a powerful part of the social media marketing strategy as they can reach the target customers with ease. Till recently 6 or 8 seconds was not seen as enough time to effectively communicate any message, but many businesses seems to have understood the effectuality of these tools and is using them meritoriously. People are more likely to share a video they like in Facebook or Twitter than any lengthy content. Online video is rapidly becoming one of the most vital ways to satisfy the information and entertainment needs of the people all over the globe. As per a survey conducted by Cisco by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, the Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.

2014 is also going to see a huge increase in the use of video social media platforms for marketing. The most popular will be Instagram video and Twitter owned ‘Vine’ and of course YouTube. The main attraction will be the competitiveness to create attractive short videos that can easily capture the attention of the target customer. Online and Social Videos are the future of all social media marketing needs.

While few do it as well as Apple, below is an example of how powerful video can be when promoting your product.