by Jason Ramsey  (@Jason__Ramsey)

Regardless of what you’ve heard, it is time to join Google Plus. You are not alone. Lots of people have been taking a look at G+ lately. Like me, you probably already set up an account a couple of years ago, but never used it. I would go check on mine from time to time, see what had changed, compare it to other networks where I was spending my time. Normally I would leave unimpressed and go back to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting either of those networks, or any of my other ones for that matter. I’m simply saying that G+ is vastly improved over the past year.

Google  Badge
Google Badge

Google Plus is a totally different experience than any other social network. It has the content of Facebook, without the annoying games and apps. Real time updates like Twitter, with unlimited characters. My favorite part about it is the rich media that can’t be found anywhere else except Pinterest. G+ hasn’t ‘taken off’ like some of the networks before it. That is ok in my estimation. They have taken their time, fixed issues as they arose, and now seem to be flourishing. New people are making accounts everyday. Oddly enough, a lot of the people I’m meeting, I’m not connected to on my other networks.

Why? Mostly I think for the experiences I described above, with one exception. Circles. When twitter was flying high it was all about who you followed, who followed you, and what they all were posting. Facebook’s surge was behind friending. Who were you friends with, who were they friends with, and how could you connect to more people. Google Plus has circles. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, circles contain the people you are connected to on G+. Circles are the new groups, tribes, and communities all rolled into one. Circle curation, circle sharing, circle monitoring, and popular circles are all part of the culture now on Google Plus.

If you’re looking for a reason to try Google Plus again, this is it. Just go through and see how many of your friends on other networks are there, I think you’ll be surprised. Start with me if you like, I’m always looking for more connections. Another cool thing you can do is embed posts, like the one below from Sean Gardner: