Do people trust Amazon more than Apple? The jury is still out, but what we do know is that neither one is going away. Both want to win in music, but is there room for both?

Top 5 Reasons Amazon Will Beat Apple in Music

  1. Trust: Apple Music was thought to be unbeatable because of trust and credit card numbers. People loved Apple because it was one click shopping. Steve Jobs licensed that technology from Amazon, and now he is gone. Jeff Bezos is not. He is the closest thing we have to Steve Jobs. Just think about how often you talk to Siri vs Alexa. Amazon is clearly winning this technology war, and that is gaining them more trust than ever.
  2. Price: On Amazon you can stream all the music for $7.99 a month or $79 a year, if you’re a Prime member. Apple is $9.99 a month. They might have credit card numbers, but Amazon has the cash, and cash is king. Does this mean Amazon will win in music? Not necessarily, but it will help. Consumers are increasingly aware of cost. Most dismiss millenials and how they manage money, but statistics show that is a mistake. Most people won’t pay $120 a year for music. Lots of people are on subscriptions, but many are at a discounted rate.
    We’re in search of a relevant price point that will bring everybody on board. Just like with mobile phones, there’s a tipping point, when people say yes.
  3. Service: Streaming is here to stay. Amazon has failed on my product roll outs, but that isn’t the core of their business. Unlike Apple, they don’t have to sell a certain number of phones to ensure cash flow. Amazon has the worlds largest and most efficient deliverer of products. Any and all products. As long as that business continues to grow, they can afford to throw a lot more cash at their software and streaming model. As their infrastructure improves, so will their ability to deliver a reliable streaming service.
  4. Strategy: Apple has long been better than anyone at marketing. Amazon doesn’t care. They aren’t playing that game. They are betting on name recognition. Think about it. Once you sign up for Prime, it changes your life. Less trips to the store. Less trips to the mall, and now less trips to buy daily house hold items. No matter how well Apple advertises, Amazon is interwoven in our daily life. You can’t top that.
  5. Cash: There is no question who has more cash. Apple loses here. This matters because someone will buy Spotify at some point. Once that happens it’s game over. Who’s got the courage to buy Spotify and win? Google? Red started way to late, and their main focus is YouTube. Apple has the ability to buy Spotify, but their history tells us they won’t take the risk. Only time will tell, and it will be great fun to watch!
Amazon vs Apple in Music
Amazon vs Apple in Music