What is Verizon Edge?

Verizon Edge is the newest plan from Verizon. It offers clients a chance to buy a new phone with a low monthly payment. Customers sign a month-to-month agreement instead of signing a long-term contract. This allows customers to upgrade more frequently to keep up with the latest in mobile technology. Now you can upgrade without additional fees or finance charges.

The Edge program lets you pay for your phone over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You only have to pay for the first month’s installment at the time of purchase. Then you have to make a monthly payment on your phone until it is paid off completely. After six months, if you have paid for at least 50% of the phone, you will have the option to “Edge Up” again to a new one without any upgrade fees.

To be eligible for the Edge Up option, the Edge phone being returned must be in good working condition and have no significant damage, as determined by Verizon Wireless. You’re account must also be in good standing for at least six months.

In today’s mobile world, the two most important things to the consumer are, how much is my monthly bill, and how soon can I upgrade my device? Verizon Edge answers both of these questions. In the past, Verizon has taken some heat for the prices of their monthly packages, but this really opens up the possibility for anyone finding a plan that’s right for them.

If you haven’t given Verizon a try, now is a great time. I recently switched to Verizon and the difference is service is very clear. Before I was dropping a call almost every day. Usually a business call. Since I switched, I haven’t dropped a call. If you have any questions about Edge that aren’t covered above, just leave us a comment below.

Verizon Edge
Verizon Edge