Different ways to get Flint in Minecraft Fastest Way

Different ways to get Flint in Minecraft Fastest Way

If you are a Minecraft player and loves to play the game then you know that getting a flint in the game is not an easy job.

So if you are interested in how to get flint in Minecraft for free and the fastest way then you are at the right place. Flint is a key resource that can be used to make arrows, make steel so you can light an obsidian portal, and also create a Minecraft flint farm!

Here are the quickest and easiest ways to obtain flint for use in Minecraft.

How to get Flints in Minecraft?

By using the steps below, you can get the flint in Minecraft in the fastest possible way. You will have to mine gravel to get flint. When you start mining a gravel block, there are 10% chances that you will get a flint.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a flint in Minecraft then you will have to advanced level fortune tool for mining during the game.

  • Fortune 1 increases the chances of dropping a flint to 14%.
  • Fortune 2 increases the chances of dropping a flint to 25%.
  • Fortune 3 increases the chances of dropping a flint to 100%.

If you have been mining for some time and now you have collected a bunch of gravel in your boxes. Grabbing some stone and making a structure is the best way to turn that gravel into flint.

After making a structure, go ahead and pull out your shovel by putting your gravel in your off-hand slot.

These are two different things that one person in the game is mining using a normal shovel while the other person is using a fortune level 3 enchanted shovel for mining. For example, If you are using a normal shovel for mining and mine 6 blocks of gravel after laying them down then you might not get a flint and the reason behind that is because the use of a normal shovel has only 10%of chances that you may get a flint.

Now as compared to the normal shovel, if you are using an enchanted level 3 fortune and you lay down 6 bricks with this level 3 fortune then you will get a flint with each gravel block when mined.

What is the way to make a Minecraft Flint Farm?

The process of making a Minecraft flint farm is very easy and you will learn here how to do it. The steps of making a simple flint farm are very easy. The steps to make a Minecraft flint farm following and you will have to complete steps one by one to make a Minecraft flint farm.

  • First of all, create a rectangle-like area of 3 wide and 6 long, and the height of the area will be 2.5 slabs.
  • As indicated in the video, place 1 chest and 5 hoppers.
  • Make boundaries using the boxes.
  • To make it unbreakable, add a furnace block with it.
  • You can make it look good by adding a roof but that is optional.
  • You can also add a decorative piece of flint in the middle of it to give a fancier look to it.
  • You are done, your flint farm is ready to start mining

Making Flint and Steel in Minecraft

If you are searching about how to make flint and steel in Minecraft then here I will tell you about how to make flint and steel Minecraft. This is very helpful information for the new players. It can also be used to light fires. You can follow these steps to get flint and steel in the Minecraft game.

  • By using the process mentioned above, get some flint.
  • After collecting some flint, find and collect some iron by underground mining.
  • After collecting the iron, you will have to construct a furnace. Now, for smelting the iron, find a crafting table.
  • After doing this add some fuel to the furnace to start it. After this, go to your crafting inventory by clicking E from your keyboard. Now place the iron and flint opposite to one another in the furnace and you are done. Now, the furnace will begin making flint and steel in Minecraft and you can collect them after a specific time of creating.