The Top 11 Article Writing Tools to Help You Create Better Content

The Top 11 Article Writing Tools to Help You Create Better Content

Here are the top 11 article writing tools that will help you create better content that your audience will enjoy and appreciate. Some of these tools are free and others are paid, but they all have one thing in common – they make writing articles so much easier and faster. Use them all or just the ones that work best for you!

Google Docs

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re writing online content and don’t have Google Docs, it’s time to get on board. This word processing application is intuitive and easy-to-use—the ability to collaborate with others means less back-and-forth and faster delivery of final drafts. The tool also boasts sharing capabilities, allowing you to access documents via mobile or tablet device. With all these features, there’s no reason not to be working in Google Docs!

Google Trends

Google trends is not only one of my favourite tools, but a pretty powerful one as well. It’s simple- you type in your keyword and it shows you what people are searching for based on where they are searching from. If you want to know what kind of content would work best for your target audience then Google Trends is a great tool that allows you to do just that. I used it when I was writing a post on Mobile apps- by entering top mobile apps into Google Trends, I was able to see exactly which topics and keywords had already been searched for most, allowing me to base my topic around what had already proven successful!


This tool helps you analyze and create industry-specific influencers, as well as highlight popular content. It’s a terrific resource for content creators who want to tap into their target audience’s interests and behaviors—and has lots of useful data about popular articles. One way to use Buzzsumo is by entering your topic in its search bar and seeing what social media accounts are sharing articles in your space. Then you can decide whether it makes sense for you to share those same pieces with your own followers. Also, if you have one great idea but don’t know how best to spread it across multiple sites, Buzzsumo can help you discover where else your topic or post has been published on websites that are relevant to yours.


This free tool is what Google Suggest wishes it could be. Enter a keyword, and you’ll get huge lists of long-tail keyword suggestions that you can use as fodder for content ideas. Ubersuggest also allows you to see how often and where your keywords appear on a webpage. If other sites are already focusing on your target keywords, then go with them! A great way to come up with new content ideas from existing ones.

Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is a free headline analyzer. When you have a specific idea for your post, it helps you analyze and compare different headlines against each other in order to find a clear winner. While headline analysis is optional, I highly recommend it if you want results that actually convert. While there are plenty of other tools out there for analyzing headlines, none that I’ve found come close to Headline Analyzer . Try it! It’s free

Google Keyword Planner

This is a free tool from Google that allows you to see how many times a keyword has been searched for in Google and what position your website would appear if you were ranking for that keyword. The tool also shows you a list of related keywords. This tool can help you find good topic ideas and refine existing topics. If your goal is more traffic and conversion, use it sparingly. It’s best used when working on low competition topics or those that are high volume with low competition—it’s not ideal for highly competitive keywords or big brands because they may not want their advertising associated with your content. However, if they are willing to work with you, then I think it’s fair game!


Ahrefs is a search-based marketing tool that provides data about search engine results and ranks. Use it as a backlink checker and find out what sites are linking to your competitors. Paired with SEMrush, Ahrefs can tell you which keywords your competitors rank for in search engines, too. It also shows you information about each link pointing back to your site. That way, you know if something went wrong on your end if these links are broken or missing from pages on your website.


Who likes bad grammar? No one. Who likes bad grammar in their articles? No one. That’s why we’re big fans of Grammarly, a free tool that helps catch errors and improve your writing by highlighting issues with your word choices, sentence structure, punctuation and more. When used alongside your regular editor (and even spell check), Grammarly is a very helpful tool for enhancing your content.

Hemingway Editor.

The Hemingway Editor is an easy way to review your content. It highlights grammatical errors, awkward sentences, and complex words (all things that make reading more difficult) so you can focus on writing high-quality content. What’s even better is that it’s free! Just enter a URL and let it do its thing. If you want even more from The Hemingway Editor, upgrade to a paid account for $5/month or $40/year.


Canva is an online graphic design tool that lets you create beautiful graphics for your articles, social media posts, or other content creation needs. They offer a free version of their service and several paid options as well. Canva has templates for every type of graphic you could possibly need from social media post images to sales page headers. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use graphic creation tool, Canva may be worth checking out.


If you’re looking for great images to complement your content, there are plenty of free sources online. Pexels and Unsplash both offer more than 12,000 free stock photos that you can download, edit and use on your site. Before using any image in your post, make sure that it’s licensed under Creative Commons (CC0). This will allow you use it without having to pay royalties or permission fees. Note: If an image doesn’t have a visible license attached, it means that it’s not permitted for commercial use. Just move on! There are plenty of other options out there.


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