Effective Tools for E-Commerce

Effective Tools for E-Commerce

Starting an e-commerce store may be easy but managing and handling it for good profits is tricky. The first and most important thing is getting up on the radar and making people know about your existence. Even before that, you need a stable connection so that you are not disconnected while planning your next move. For that, we recommend going for Optimum Internet. Learn more about what they have to offer and select the plan that fits your needs.

Moreover, you have to take care of other aspects like descriptions and UI/UX. In the start, you will face more troubles, so you may have to invest in a variety of tools that will help you sort things out. So, here are six tools that will assist you in starting up and reaching the top.


Magneto is a great open-source platform for all your e-commerce needs. The best thing about this tool is that it is flexible and easily customizable according to work. Also, you can design your brand website or page without any signature look.

Furthermore, Magneto has many helpful features, including SEO, order management, analytics, and reports. Moreover, it helps you optimize your page to cut short loading times and give an enjoyable experience to the potential customer.


Managing and updating your inventory is a tough task for every entrepreneur, whether starting up as new or being a veteran; it has never been easier since Primaseller.

There are many stores worldwide that still use traditional methods of updating inventory manually. However, it is less efficient and has a high chance of errors. So, for this purpose, Primaseller can sync your data and handle your inventory tasks, such as uploading, tracking, and updating inventory.

Google Keywords

So, when you have a store to run, you need the right optimization to bring in customers and sell your stuff. For that, you need a couple of different things, and Google has just the right tools.

First is mobile optimization which helps set up the website for mobile phones, look after the details, and correct anything that doesn’t look good.

The second one is the Google Keyword tool that helps you find relevant keywords and run your ads successfully.

The last one is Google Adwords, which helps run ads and favors your product against searched keywords.

In the end, Google Analytics is essential in every aspect as it gives complete analytics, report, and summary of your ads and helps identify what needs more focus.


Eclincher is a complete social media management platform that gives you reports and analytics of your social media visibility and awareness. Moreover, it helps manage every channel from a single dashboard and respond to notifications with ease.

Also, you can distinguish yourself from other products by using keywords and hashtags to let people know about your product and boost your presence. Another great feature of this tool is the unified social box that brings all platforms under one roof.


Any business without email marketing is not in a good spot. It helps reach, engage, and reengage your customers and boosts your presence. You can build different settings for new subscribers, old ones coming back, cart abandonment, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

So, by automating your emails, you save yourself a ton of time, which you can use to improve other things.


Mistakes happen. After all, you are only human. So, in a business setting, pressure and stress can lead to mistakes (some deface things intentionally out of revenge or anger). For example, you wanted to delete a product listing but accidentally deleted the whole category.

In such cases, you have two options. You can either do the whole thing again or use Rewind from the start. It is like a save option, which keeps a backup of your online store so you can instantly correct your mistakes.


These are some great tools to help you run your online store effectively and efficiently. However, running the online store requires commitment and hard work, and you will mostly find yourself looking after your store in your house, coffee places, parks, and whatnot. However, it requires a strong connection to stay updated at all times. So, keeping that in mind, our recommendation is to go for Spectrum internet. You can visit this link to look for plans: spectrumoffers.com.

You can buy both home and mobile data, so you don’t get disconnected. This way, you will be able to build the online store of your dreams.