The easiest way to whisper in Minecraft

The easiest way to whisper in Minecraft

In this blog, we will discuss the easiest ways to whisper in a Minecraft game. We will use simple commands to it. In the Minecraft game, a whisper is a function that can be used to call a specific person secretly.

How can I Whisper in Minecraft?

If you want to use the whisper function to call a specific person in the game then you will have to go to the chat window and there you will have to enter the following command.


When you will type this command, you will get multiple options. In these options, you will have to select that specific person to whom you want to whisper your secret message. You will get multiple whispering options:

  • @a is for whispering your message to the whole players in the game.
  • @e is for communication with all entities in the game.
  • @p is for sending your secret message to the players who are closest to you.
  • @r is for sending your whisper to the random players in the game.
  • @s is for whispering to yourself.

After choosing the option from about, write your secret message and press enter. The message will be shown to the receiver like this.

[Sender’s username] whispers to you: [Secret message]

The receiver can see your name with a tag that this person whispers to you and at the end your secret will be shown to the receiver.

You can also try other commands if this command is not working for you. For example, if the ‘ /t ’ command did not works for you then you can also type ‘ /msg’ or ‘ /whisper’ commands. After entering these commands, write the receiver person’s name so that only that person can see your secret message.

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