How to make Fruit in Little Alchemy

How to make Fruit in Little Alchemy

In this blog, we will guide you about how to make fruits by using easy and simle steps in the Little Alchemy game. After making fruit, we will further guide you about what other things you can make using these fruits. So if you are a game lover and want to know about this game then stay tuned with us and let’s start the conversation.

In our daily life, fruits are everyone’s favorite and people love to eat their favorite fruits. These fruits give nutrients to the human body that are essential for humans to grow properly and live a healthy life. There are multiple nutrients in fruits and every fruit has a specific type of nutrients like fibers, vitamins, acids, and many other essential resources for human body. banana, apple, and mango are common examples of fruits.

Ways of making Fruit in Little Alchemy

To make fruits in Little Alchemy, you will have to follow these two simple steps.

It feels very amusing and simple that by using a required item, we try to discover any connection of the combination in Little Alchemy. So, let’s start exploring which combinations we can use in the game.

Process-1. Sun and Tree

As we all know that all tree uses sunlight for their living. These trees absorb the sunlight and convert it into chemical energy. In scientific terms, this process is called photosynthesis. Trees uses this process to make fruits and we humans enjoy these fruits by fulfilling our needs.

Process-2. Farmer + Tree

In this process, the farmer sows the seeds and then he takes care of the plant when it comes out of the seed. After regular care, this plant turns into a tree and gives fruits. So in the game, this is the best combination.


Things we can make from Fruit in Little Alchemy

After hours of searching on the game, we have collected the following information about when things we can make using a combination of fruits and other things in Little Alchemy 2. Have a look at this collection.

  • The result of the rocket will be a starburst
  • The result of juice will be juicy fruit
  • The result of alcohol will be wine
  • The result of time will be alcohol
  • The result of the blender will be a smoothie
  • The result of energy will be sugar
  • The result of dough will be pie
  • The result of water will be juice + lemonade
  • The result of the field will be vegetable
  • The result of the monkey will be banana
  • The result of pressure will be juice
  • The result of palm will be coconut
  • The result of the tree will be a fruit tree